Hanmer Springs to Boyle Village - 1 / 11 / 2012 to 4 / 11 / 2012

The beauty of Peters Valley that I had not put on photo earlier (the nice track you are seeing is an upgrade they are performing at this very moment).

Yes we are going to the foot of those snowy mountains... and then again twice that distance... today.

Time for a lunch break with some trail mix!

Where have I seen this place before? And now with Marc sitting in front of it.

Scotties Hut lies behind the first and the second ridge of mountains on the left.

My destination for this second day (Anne Hut) lies in the valley on the left just before the first snowy tops. The next photo is taken from the little top below the first snowy top.

Ada Flat. No comment...

Close-up on the place where I will have to cross the river and get some very wet feet and boots.

Day three, following up the Anne River (the photo is taken downstream from where I came).

Up into the valley on the right lies Anne Saddle.

And there we are!

And that is the road ahead down into the valley of the Boyle River and the end of the day at Boyle Flats Hut.

At the end of day four I was still following the Boyle River, now in the Magdalen Valley.

When you really need to cross a big river this is how you do it!