Some of the events in which I participated

My activities as a sound technician started during my first year at the ENS Lyon. Since then I've worked my way through some events working with various people and businesses. Here follows a list of some of them in which I acted as head of technical staff:

  • Gala de l'ENS Lyon, February 10, 2012

    As the french equivalent of "prom night" the Gala is the yearly recurring party organized by the student organisation. For the 2012 edition I was in charge of all the technical aspects. This included :

    1. The transformation of the school's gym into a party room
    2. Organization of a 5 hour concert in an adjacent room
    3. Planning the sound and lights for both spaces in coordination with the technical supplier

    Additionnaly I did the live sound engineering for the concert with a colleague.

  • Turbul'ENS, December 10, 2011

    The Turbul'ENS festival focuses on the promotion of comic books and art related to comic books. For the 2011 edition a concert was organized to finish the day with some music.

  • Festival de Montchat, June 17, 2011

    The Montchat district of Lyon had it's annual festival and we were there with the BREI Lyon - Pöle musique to organize the concerts for the two-day event.

  • Record du Monde de la BD, May 28, 2011

    Putting together their efforts the artistic schools of Lyon produced a World Record long comic strip, stretching out over one kilometer of the Rhone banks of Lyon. The BREI Lyon - Pöle Musique was there to throw out some noise for the public.

    Official site link (french)

People I've worked with

  • BREI Lyon - Pöle musique

    The BREI Lyon - Pôle musique is a student association that assists the different universities and engineering schools of Lyon in organizing their events and concerts. By regrouping talents and resources from multiple horizons the BREI Lyon - Pôle musique proposes an effective and low-cost solution for student events while guaranteeing a high-quality standard in music groups and technical support.

  • Graffity Spectacles

    My main (and favorite) technical supplier. They do a magnificent job whatever your needs are. Thumbs up for their work and events.

    Official site link (french)