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Curriculum Vitae



  • Since September 2016, Software engineer @ Improbable, London

    Improbable is the creator of SpatialOS, a platform that enables a new kind of immense and scalable games worlds and simulations. It allows developers to concentrate on the dynamics of their new realities and abstracts away the reliance on a variable number of servers and logical "workers" that power the simulation.

  • From 2013 till 2016, R&D engineer @ Kalray, Grenoble

    Kalray is a fabless semi-conductor company designing and supporting its own manycore processors: the MPPA family. This industry position accounted for half of my time as Ph.D student and offered the opportunity to implement my research work in an industrial environment. Responsabilities:

    • Compiler Research and Development (GCC, LLVM & other tools):
      • Design and implementation of compiler optimization passes from scratch
      • Continuing the design and implementation of an in-house optimization tool
      • Fine-tuning the GCC back-end for the Kalray architecture
    • Expertise and design of a Network-on-Chip architecture (including a filed patent)
    • Reporting for large-scale collaborative projects

  • From 2013 till 2016, Research Assistant @ INRIA Grenoble, Grenoble

    Member of the Corse research team as part of my Ph.D. Development of heuristical tiling solvers, LLVM passes and the GraphUtilities library for convex partitioning and reachability queries.

    • Introduction to programming and algorithmics
    • Advanced algorithmics
    • Logical circuitry and hardware design
    • End-of-year programming project

  • From 2013 till 2016, Teaching Assistant @ Université Grenoble-Alpes and Ensimag, Grenoble

    Position independant from my Ph.D program. Performing as T.A for multiple courses at the University of Grenoble and the Ensimag engineering school. Including both student support during practice sessions as well as full teaching responsabilities for some courses.

    • Introduction to programming and algorithmics
    • Advanced algorithmics
    • Logical circuitry and hardware design
    • End-of-year programming project

  • From February 2012 till July 2012, MSc. Internship @ Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble, Grenoble

    Subject : Longterm fairness in multi-user BOINC projects.
    Supervisor : A. Legrand

    Work within the MESCAL team on the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). Design and implementation of new scheduling policies for small to medium-scale projects on umbrella servers.

  • From February 2011 till September 2011, MSc. Internship @ Kalray, Grenoble

    Subject : High-Performance Cryptography through Bit-Slice Implementation
    Supervisor : B. Dupont de Dînechin

    Design and implementation of an architecture-specific bitslice implementation of the AES cryptographic protocol. Other assignments included:

    • Participation in the design of a high-speed Ethernet traffic load-balancer
    • Instruction Set Architecture testing on hardware simulator

  • From June 2010 till July 2010, BSc. Internship @ INRIA Grenoble, Grenoble

    Subject : Traffic flow modeling and simulation

    Work on traffic flow modeling and prediction. Extension of a mathematical flow model and implementation of a flow simulator.


  • From October 2005 till June 2012, Private tutoring @ self-employed

    Teaching and accompagnying students from high-school to bachelor level in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English.

  • From November 2010 till April 2012, Event & Technical support coordinator @ BREI Lyon - Pôle musique, Lyon

    The BREI Lyon - Pôle musique is a student association that assists the different universities and engineering schools of Lyon in organizing their events and concerts. By regrouping talents and resources from multiple horizons the BREI Lyon - Pôle musique proposes an effective and low-cost solution for student events while guaranteeing a high-quality standard in music groups and technical support.

    My position at the BREI Lyon - Pôle musique involved:

    • Head of technical staff for small and medium scale events
    • Organization of technical back-line in collaboration with contractors
    • Live sound engineer


Software engineering

  • Operating Systems: Linux, OSX, Windows
  • Programming: Assembly, Bash, C, C++, Go, Java, Python
  • Compiler environments: LLVM, GCC
  • Build & CI tools: CMake, Bazel, Jenkins
  • Communication: LaTeX, LibreOffice, Word, PowerPoint
  • Other: Network & system administration


The proficiency levels are indicated following the CEFR standard.

Language Oral level Written level
Dutch Mother-tongue (C2) Advanced (C2)
French Fluent (C2) Advanced (C2)
English Fluent (C2) Advanced (C2)
German Conversational (B2) Intermediate (B1)
Swedish Beginner (A1) Beginner (A1)


  • Ph.D Computer Science @ Université Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, 2013-2016

    Subject: Data Locality on Manycore Architectures.

  • MSc. Computer Science @ École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, 2010-2012

    Studied subjects: Compiler theory, Cryptography, Distributed Computing, Embedded Systems, Network Algorithmics, Parallel Computing, Project Management, Reconfigurable Architectures, Software Development
    Obtained with High Honours (mention "Bien")

  • BSc. Computer Science @ École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, 2009-2010

    Studied subjects: Algorithmics, Complexity, Computer Architecture, Programming Practices, Operating Systems
    Obtained with High Honours (mention "Bien")

  • Classes Préparatoires MPSI - MP* @ Louis-le-Grand, Paris, 2006-2009

    Studied subjects: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, English, Literature & Philosophy
    No diploma obtained, ranked 37th on the national competitive entry exam for the Écoles Normales Supérieures.


See the PDF version of my CV for details of my publications in conferences, workshops, etc.