Music for listening

For one reason or another I started listening actively to music during my first years of study in Paris. Since then I've never turned down the volume. Taste changes over time but some genres keep coming back at me : progressive rock & metal as well as some electronic & trance artists (and yes, I admit the combination sounds strange). You can find some more details on what I'm listening too on a regular basis by looking here.

Music as a job

During my studies at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon I got a chance to assist in some concerts organized by the students. From there on I learned the rookie skills of a sound technician. Through some contacts in Lyon's student life I was able to extend this knowledge upto the organization of multiple events. This in it's turn has brought me into contact with the people behind Graffity Spectacles, a young and growing event industry bureau. Currently I work with them on a regular basis assisting in their events and concerts whenever an extra hand is needed. For more details on my side-line activities as a sound technician just click.