From Kinloch to Te Anau (part 1) - 23 to 24 / 11 / 2012

The Greenstone River

Looking up the Greenstone River Valley from the Greenstone and Caples rivers junction

View from above Greenstone Hut up in the valley

View down from where I came

The scenery from Taipo Hut looking north

The first views of the Mararoa river from Taipo Hut at the end of the first day (I will be following this river for the next 5 days)

Crossing a small mountain stream

The Mararoa River again

... with a close-up (I am standing about 2 kilometers away from what you see in the picture)

Southwards in the Mararoa Valley

Boundary Hut lies at the foot of the little hill on the left side of the valley and North Mavora Lake (hidden) lies straight ahead

The 4WD-track from Boundary Hut to North Mavora Lake and Carey's Hut

First sight of North Mavora Lake