From Kinloch to Te Anau (part 2) - 24 to 26 / 11 / 2012

A peek into the Windon Valley

The moon seen from Carey's Hut as it rises over the eastern moutains

... while the sun sets in the west

North Mavora Lake

Carey's Hut - home for the second night of the trip

Looking back to the northern point of the lake during the third day

West Burn Hut from afar situated on the other side of the lake

The 4WD track leading southwards along the lake shores.

Some scenes from the end of the Fellowship of the Ring were shot on these shores

One backpack (tramper not included)

The only thing that I am missing in this picture is Frodo and Sam crossing over in their elvish boat

Campsite between South and North Mavora Lake

Even heavy rain does not prevent me from preparing a delicious, nutritious and stomach-filling meal

South Mavora Lake on the early morning of day 4

Maybe they should use even bigger signage triangles?